Established in 2001, Shanghai Dongyue Biochem Co., Ltd. focuses on process development, process optimization and test methods development. We have around 40 R&D personnel at present, and our R&D team has unique advantage on the synthesis, separation and purification technology. Shanghai R&D lab currently has different kinds of large imported equipment (including HPLC, IR, Atomic absorption spectrometer).

In 2010, Shanghai Dongyue has invested more than $150,000 in importing a continuous microchannel reactor; such R&D labs in China are few. All of these efforts have laid a firm foundation for R&D work. Meanwhile, Shanghai Dongyue has closely cooperated with ECUST, Fudan University, and The Second Military Medical University, which also have created favorable conditions for R&D. Dongyue’s R&D team has the world-leading synthesis, separation and purification technology and rich experience. The better quality, the more economical cost is our relentless pursuit.