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Dongyue Academician Workstation has been accepted

Mr. Sun Xinglian, Director of Provincial Science and Technology Department, Mr. Lin Wei , deputy director of Nantong Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Chen Yongxiang, Director of Nantong Science and Technology Bureau, Equipment Department, Mr. Liu Hongbin, Deputy Director of Nantong Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Wang Jianbin, deputy director of Qidong City Science and Technology Bureau and Mr. Ren Kaisheng, assistant director came to Dongyue academician workstation for interim inspection and acceptance, Professor Cheng Yi, academician workstation Assistant also accompanied. Director Sun expressed satisfaction with academician workstation and construction work after the data review and on-site inspection, Dongyue smoothly passed the inspection and acceptance.

The report was divided into five parts, that is, the general situation of the company, academician workstation construction, operation situation, achievements and the stage goal. Four million Yuan had been devoted after the establishment of Dongyue academician workstation.

Academician workstation now has a R&D area of more than 1,200 square meters, including 200 square meters for academicians and team office, Chastain biphenyls test base area, Tetrazole five-member cycle synthesis laboratory , analysis room , laboratories and other test sites. Academician Tian He once instructed Dongyue academician workstation project, also academician team came to Dongyue for several times. They gave useful guidance on Sartanbiphenyl and Tetrazole five member cycles. The team accumulated 185 days in the workstation, gave trainings for a total of 75 people. In the next stage, the workstation continued to study on the optimization of project and planed to apply for two patents and three papers.

Director Sun visited the laboratory and academician team Office, expressed satisfaction with the existing equipment and facilities.

In the later period of construction, the company will invest more manpower and material resources, efforts to achieve the targets; the academician workstation really plays to promote the role of enterprise development, and creates better economic benefits for the enterprise.


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