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Work Acceptance by Jiangsu Province Intellectual Property

Dongyue one-year intellectual property implementation work was inspected on-site by Province Intellectual Property leading group.

In the meeting, the leading group fully affirmed the company’s two years effort on intellectual property management, praised the acquired patent technology. Especially, Dongyue Intellectual Property Management Department did not ask service agencies for help but itself completed the project, also advised on how to improve company's existing intellectual property audit, confidentiality, ledger and other systems. Dongyue started this project on Dec, 2012, during these two years, the company looked for experts consulting, organized lots of training, and established a comprehensive system.

With the development of the knowledge economy, intellectual property has become a core element of market competitiveness; the intellectual property competition is the main competition all over the world in the future. Enterprise is the main body of independent innovation, intellectual property creation, management, function and protection.


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